Welcome to Miami Mascots!

4 Jun

RLV_8805Bienvenido a Miami Mascotas!

Miami Mascots is a full service mascot design firm. We offer mascot character design, custom mascot costumes, merchandise/web ready artwork, performer trainer, character staffing, and much more!

We’ve worked with the Miami Heat, Florida Panthers, Miami Marlins, Miami Hurricanes, and Florida International University. We’ve been doing this so long we’ve even worked with south Florida teams that are now defunct like the Miami Sol WNBA, Miami Fusion MLS, Florida Bobcats Arena Football, and Miami Manatees hockey team.

Our costumes are designed by a native South Floridian who has been working in sports since 1998!

If you’re looking for a world class mascot to bring your brand to life, please contact us today!